How To Become a Personal Trainer

Benefits Only a Personal Trainer Can Offer

There are several benefits that only personal trainers can offer over group training or gym workouts. This is because a personal trainer follows a holistic approach to fitness that includes not only physical wellbeing but all round improvement in the way you lead your life.

Yes, working out under a trainer has its unique benefits and you should really consider having your own trainer if you desire to invest in yourself. You may be interested in EPTI Personal Trainer Courses and becoming a personal trainer yourself.

Personal Trainers can be your Lifestyle Coach

Your trainer is committed to help you achieve your fitness goals and this makes her more involved in your overall wellbeing. She will work towards reducing your stress levels and improving your confidence as she knows that this will perk up your motivation during workouts. She will track your work and rest patterns so that you don’t burn yourself out as this can affect your performance while exercising.


In fact, a trainer often acts as an unofficial lifestyle coach; helping you overcome depression and negativity and improve your outlook toward life.

Your Trainer helps you Break Bad Habits

Living well is more than just about losing weight. You need to follow a healthy lifestyle and stay away from bad habits that have been wreaking havoc on your health for years. It’s difficult to break such long-term habits and you need a friend who will push you in the right direction.

Your personal trainer is the best person to do so as he knows how food, nutrition, workouts, sleep patterns, daily activities and so on; affect your overall health. He will keep a tab on you and motivate you to keep trying till you have imbibed good habits and made them part of your daily life.

Personal Trainers can help Improve your Mental Wellbeing

Staying happy and buoyant is as important as staying fit. You cannot derive the best benefits from your workout sessions if you are depressed or worried or unhappy in general.

Your trainer will select the best workouts that will help your body overcome stress and your mind to stay calm and focused. When your mind is clear and content, you have a better chance of getting more out of each session you attend.

Personal Trainers offer Choice of Location

It may not be possible for you to travel to a gym or you may not be comfortable working out in a group. But with your own personal trainer, you have the choice of doing your sessions at a location you prefer.

It may be the privacy of your home, your trainer’s studio, the neighbourhood park or a gym near your workplace. You select the location and your trainer will be there at the appointed time and day.

Trainers offer Flexible Timings

No matter when you are free to workout, your trainer will be there as per schedule. Whether it’s early morning, late evening; office lunch break or an hour in the afternoon when you are free of chores; your trainer will be there for you.

Trainers are extremely flexible when it comes to timings; another advantage that you don’t get at gyms or group workout sessions.