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The Natural Way To Better Birth and Bonding

An extremely thorough and detailed ‘manual’ on childbirth and bonding, based on using natural methods wherever possible, and covering almost every concern and problem that could arise.

Healing The Gerson Way - Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Conditions

An amazing book - virtually a manual for natural health living.

The Natural Way To A Better Pregnancy

An extremely thorough and detailed ‘manual’ on pregnancy, based on using natural methods wherever possible, and covering almost every concern and problem that could arise.

Reboundoz Health Bounce: Package 1

The Reboundoz is a good quality Rebounder, with Package One comprising the Half-fold Rebounder, Carry Bag and Power Pack DVD.

The Gerson Therapy - Full DVD Set

Great savings on the price of the full set of The Gerson Therapy DVDs - includes Volumes 1, 2 and 3.

Fix Your Phobia in 90 Minutes
Written by a psychologist, this booklet explains the different kinds of phobias, how they come about and offers a step-by-step guide to getting rid of ‘learned’ fear.

The Natural Way To Better Breastfeeding

An extremely thorough and detailed ‘manual’ on breastfeeding, based on using natural methods wherever possible, and covering almost every concern and problem that could arise.

Help for Depression and Anxiety
Sub-titled ‘How to have a happy and healthy nervous system’, this is another of Dr Sandra’s practical, easy-to-read and compact books.

Diabetes Type-2 Fact Sheet

In 2004–05, close to 700,000 people, or 3.6% of the population, reported they had diabetes. (ABS Australian Health Trends 2007)
Type-2 diabetes accounts for 85 to 90 percent of diabetes cases and is a totally preventable ’lifestyle disease’.
While Type-2 used to be mainly a disease of elderly people and was referred to as ’adult-onset diabetes’, it is now being diagnosed in young adults, adolescents and even children.
Diabetes greatly increases the risks of blindness, kidney failure, limb amputation, impotence, gangrene, stroke and heart attack.
With type-2 diabetes the body tends to produce excessive quantities of insulin, at least in the early stage of the disease, but the insulin doesn’t work effectively.
Insulin resistance develops primarily because of high intakes of refined carbohydrate and fat, aided and abetted by insufficient physical activity.
Natural treatments

Diabetes sufferers need a diet which has an appropriate protein level, is low in fat (but high in essential fatty acids) and high in unrefined carbohydrates. Specifically:

  • A moderate intake (3 - 4 pieces a day) of whole fruit (not juice). Acid and sub-acid fruits, such as citrus fruits, berries, stone fruits and cherries, are best because they release their sugar into the bloodstream more slowly than sweet fruits such as mangoes, melons and dried fruits.
  • A large raw salad daily. The more food that is eaten raw the better!
  • Dark green leafy vegetables.
  • Whole grains - for example, brown rice, rolled oats, pearled barley, cracked wheat.
  • 1 tablespoon of freshly-ground flax seeds or a handful of walnuts or pepitas each day for omega-3 essential fatty acids.
  • Legumes - eat around a cup a day of cooked legumes.

Other important measures are:

  • Minimising or avoiding metabolic toxins such as caffeine, alcohol and tobacco.
  • Undertaking moderate exercise - both aerobic and strength training. Good aerobic exercises are walking and swimming.

(From ‘An Avoidable Epidemic: Type-2 Diabetes’ by Robyn Chuter, BHSc, ND, GradDipCouns, published in Natural Health & Vegetarian Life, Summer 07/08.)



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