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Reboundoz Health Bounce: Package 1

The Reboundoz is a good quality Rebounder, with Package One comprising the Half-fold Rebounder, Carry Bag and Power Pack DVD.

Fix Your Phobia in 90 Minutes
Written by a psychologist, this booklet explains the different kinds of phobias, how they come about and offers a step-by-step guide to getting rid of ‘learned’ fear.

Help for Depression and Anxiety
Sub-titled ‘How to have a happy and healthy nervous system’, this is another of Dr Sandra’s practical, easy-to-read and compact books.

The Natural Way To A Better Pregnancy

An extremely thorough and detailed ‘manual’ on pregnancy, based on using natural methods wherever possible, and covering almost every concern and problem that could arise.

The Gerson Therapy - Full DVD Set

Great savings on the price of the full set of The Gerson Therapy DVDs - includes Volumes 1, 2 and 3.

The Natural Way To Better Birth and Bonding

An extremely thorough and detailed ‘manual’ on childbirth and bonding, based on using natural methods wherever possible, and covering almost every concern and problem that could arise.

Healing The Gerson Way - Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Conditions

An amazing book - virtually a manual for natural health living.

The Natural Way To Better Breastfeeding

An extremely thorough and detailed ‘manual’ on breastfeeding, based on using natural methods wherever possible, and covering almost every concern and problem that could arise.

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Natural Health Newsletter: August 15, 2008 - No. 9

The Natural Health Society of Australia

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Contraceptive pill is on the nose
As if finding a perfect life partner isn’t hard enough, we now learn that taking the contraceptive pill can affect a woman’s ability to sniff out an ideal mate.

Put on those dancing shoes
Forget about looking for a memory pill, if you want brain power later in life and lessen the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, think about increasing your level of mental activity.

You are never too old
All those older couch potatoes out there who think it’s too late for them to get up and get active need to thing again!

Something to sleep on
School kids who don’t get enough sleep not only turn grumpy and lethargic, but can also expect to get lower marks at school.

Did You Know?
The short term memory capacity for most people is between five and nine items or digits. This is one reason that phone numbers were kept to seven digits for so long.

What’s New - The Secret Language of Your Body
Sub-titled ’The Essential Guide to Healing’, this truly amazing book is a comprehensive guide to self-healing for over 200 conditions, embracing simple techniques like breathing, relaxation, affirmation and visualisation. Super easy to use with alphabetical listings in each section, and all in very plain language.

Monthly Winner of Wise Feet Detox Foot Patches (Box of 30)
July 2008
: Margaret Cooper, Oatley, NSW

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Join us for some fun in 2010

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations in 2010, the Natural Health Society (NHS) is inviting our members to join the NHS Committee in festivities at the 2010 National Folk Festival (NFF) next Easter.

Stretch test for health

A simple sit-and-reach test could become a quick measure of your risk for early mortality from heart attack or stroke.

Findings support acupuncture

After 3,000 years of mystery, the secrets of acupuncture have been unlocked by Curtin University of Technology researchers.

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